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“This new way of working allows you to focus on the right things in a results-oriented way - while maintaining balance, energy and fun!”

I am passionate about supporting professionals and teams in their development. I work as a certified coach, trainer and consultant, in the field of time & energy management, personal development and leadership. With over twenty years of experience in various (leadership) roles in the field of strategy, organization, marketing & communication, I know exactly how to put things into practice in different situations.

I myself am a big fan of our approach: the Flipmonday method helps you to focus on the right things. You will gain a better overview and more insight, allowing you to excel in your job and increase job satisfaction. I would love to help you make this new way of working your own.

Marjolein Larkens
Trainer/coach (English, Dutch)

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“A watertight system for all my plans and activities”

After studying Education Theory in Leiden, I set up a homework institute in The Hague. Here I taught students how they could acquire an overview and plan well. Gradually I developed a watertight system in which all my and the company’s plans and activities were assigned a place, which gave me peace of mind and maintain an overview of initially ten and later on forty branches. The system was also easy to adopt by my team and network. When I sold the company after 10 years, I decided to make time management my focus.

Michelle Wiesman
Partner and coach

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„It’s very freeing to have all your projects and tasks laid out and knowing what to tackle when."

As someone who loves to juggle various projects (both professionally and personally), I have sometimes struggled with keeping my thoughts and tasks organized. The Flipmonday method uses just a few principles, but they make a huge difference. The result is an empty inbox and a clear mind which has the capacity to focus on what’s most important. Now, my day is guided by my goals and visions, not by random things that keep coming up.

I wrote my psychology master thesis about how unfinished tasks impair detachment from work, and I’d like others to become more aware of this stressor as well. This is also why I’m so keen on providing people with tools to successfully master their work days.

Maria Douneva, PhD
Behavioral Scientist and trainer (English, German)

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“One system for all your to-do's and longer term projects, and seeing only the things you need to do at this moment in time. That's what gives you overview and peace of mind.”

Letting yourself be guided by today's mist urgent issues, working from your inbox, postponing projects and trying to remember what you still have to follow up on: just a few examples of things that I hear from my clients during coaching. In the past 10 years I have guided people who find it difficult to prioritize their work and set boundaries. The Grip on your work training addresses these challenges in a hands-on way: with a practical and result-oriented approach, participants become more aware of their responsibilities and learn to make choices.

The happy faces and self-confidence I see in participants when inboxes become empty, tasks are completed on time and there is tangible and visible progress give me energy as a trainer. I would like to share this with as many people as possible so I challenge you: let's flip to grip!

Lynn Slippens
Trainer/coach (Dutch, English)

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"By applying a good system, you keep your promises, keep your mind calm and keep your focus on progress in the right direction."

I am result-oriented and I love speed. Working more efficiently with Flipmonday's time management method is therefore perfect for me. I have worked at KPN for years in various roles and in different departments, including as a manager. In such a large organization you can fill every day with meetings and emails, but that is not what makes people happy or helps them to make progress. I like to bring people's focus back in the direction where the strategy of the company and what people want to achieve themselves come together.

I wanted to apply my acquired experience and knowledge to various companies and target groups and therefore made the switch to digital agencies. There I started working as a product owner and facilitator of strategic and creative sessions. I am no stranger to dealing with many different stakeholders and actions. By applying a good system for this, you keep your promises, keep your head calm and keep your focus on progress in the right direction. I like to help you grow, that gives me energy!

Marieke Morsch
Trainer (English, Dutch)

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"The training provides insight into what it takes to get a grip on your work and time"

As a Project Manager and Process Analyst I worked for 8 years in an international supply chain environment. Besides knowing the importance of a structured workflow, I have also experienced up close how we are often governed by our mail. This leads to frustration and an unfulfilled feeling. I got the answer to this thanks to Flipmonday, because now I know what it takes to get a grip on your work and time. And that is why I share this knowledge and skills with a lot of enthusiasm and pleasure with my students. Their enthusiasm in turn gives me a lot of energy and gives me the feeling that I can help make a difference in the Flip to Grip.

Cora Baan
Trainer (English, German, Dutch)

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"The Flipmonday method of managing the workflow is an integrative part of my approach towards reducing stress and increase performance."

"I have been an internationally experienced Business Development and Sales Professional, who worked in the energy market for 7 years. Combining my insights of business, as well as yoga and personal development, I am determined to move barriers for everyone towards a fulfilling, productive, high energy work-life balance.

My heart lies in stress prevention and burnout recovery, while laying the foundation for sustained personal energy. The Flipmonday method of managing the workflow is an integrative part of my approach towards reducing stress and increase performance, sustainably."

Daniela Klauser
Trainer (English, German, Dutch)

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"I have known the principles of time management, but this goes beyond that and gave me actual tools that I use in day to day life"

For the majority of my career, I have worked with organizations helping them become more efficient and productive. I came to love, admire and implement methodologies that are on the one hand simple to implement, have a hands on nature and are extremely effective and on the other hand give a fast time-to-value.

The Flipmonday methodology just fits this bill: it is a simple and logical framework, that can be applied practically and leads to great results. I have known the principles of time management, but this goes beyond just time management theory and gave me actual tools that I use in day to day life, that can be implemented immediately.

Mohammed Aly
Trainer/coach (English, German)

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