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"The Flipmonday method allows me to focus on the important things. Clear goals and less chaos from all the little things: I would recommend the training to anyone ready for next-level productivity."

Jeff de Haan - Head of Advisory bij Dimensional


What a present, this training by Flipmonday! Thank you for your super handy tips & tricks: really valuable in these hectic times!

Pauline van der Linden - Strategic Program Manager PostNL Retail


"A very useful course that I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to take. The course has had a major lasting impact on my way of working, even though I was somewhat skeptical about that beforehand."

Puck Hoogveld - Support Officer at Egeria


The training takes place over a period of 4 weeks. During those weeks there are several short moments where you are actively working with the method, on average about 1 - 1.5 hours per week. In this way we ensure that there is enough time to actually optimize daily patterns - after all, this does not happen in one day. In the training we alternate several ways of learning, also called blended learning:

  • Starter Kit: You will receive a starter pack of training materials, as for some things it is nice to have it handy on paper.
  • Online modules: You go through multiple online video lessons on our online learning platform, at your own time. Both theory and background, as well as practical explanations of how to set up your system.
  • Live groups: In live (online) group sessions with an experienced trainer, we will go deeper into the system, there will be room for questions and you will exchange experiences with other participants.

In the meantime, you also get to use the systems yourself in a concrete way. This is how we ensure the highest possible impact and lasting effect.


Please contact us for registration dates.

Cost: € 495 / person (excl. VAT, training material included)


In the training you flip to grip in these 3 clear steps:


With a foolproof system to process everything that comes your way, we provide peace and overview. This creates more space in your head to look forward. We do this by:

  • ELIMINATE NOISE: We set up Microsoft Outlook, the software you work with every day, in such a way that it supports you better and is less distracting. This way we prevent you from being distracted and busy reacting to things all day long.
  • FASTER PROCESSING: You get concrete tools to process things smarter and faster. Take, for example, the decision diagram that allows you to immediately decide what to do with everything that comes your way. That way you only have to think about it once, as briefly as possible.


With a fixed place from which you work on your goals and projects in a focused way, we make sure you get clear what you want to work on. Those actions will determine how your day looks like. This will give you a clear idea of the things that are really important to work on. We do this by:

  • CENTRALIZING ACTIONS: We make sure your workday revolves around the actions you planned to do: your appointments, daily tasks and 'next actions'. All this can be found in one clear overview of the agenda.
  • FOCUSSING ON GOALS AND PROJECTS: From one central location in Microsoft OneNote, work efficiently on your projects and goals. Fully integrated with Outlook, of course. That way you always have an overview, you keep focused on what you have to do, and throughout the year you actually take the steps necessary to achieve your goals.


With recurring routines, your system continues to work for you in the long run. In fact, you learn to keep improving your system. In this way you keep yourself on track to achieve your goals in the longer term. You do this by:

  • DAILY REVIEWS: Daily routines allow you to keep a grip on your day. You process the new things that have entered your system, reflect on everything you see, set priorities and then get to work. This way you always stay "on top of things" (empty inbox!) and spend your time and energy in the best way.
  • WEEKLY REVIEWS: With weekly routines, preferably with a buddy, make sure you zoom out regularly. You look back at what you've done, look ahead at what's coming up and reflect on your goals, projects and priorities. This way you can make adjustments where needed.

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