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A crystal-clear system for Outlook and OneNote: mailboxes, diaries, to-do lists and projects are in control

Implement one way of working: throughout teams and organizations

Available in English, German, French and Dutch

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"This training differs from other trainings since they apply follow-up to make the learnings stick.There is a lasting impact tot the team: 6 months later the team is still very engaged on the methodology. They share experiences and consequently develop their time management skills further, resulting in increased stress-free productivity."

Jan Pedro Vis - Global Procurement Director at DSM

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"Flipmonday taught me the system and the way of working that made me focus on the stuff that really matters. My goals got even clearer and there’s less chaos from all the little stuff. I would recommend the training to everyone who’s ready to take their productivity to the next level!"

Jeff de Haan - Vice President and Head of Financial Adviser Services Benelux at Dimensional Fund Advisors

In the training you flip to grip in these 3 clear steps:


With a foolproof system to process everything that comes peoples way, we provide peace and overview. This creates more space in the head to look forward. We do this by:

  • ELIMINATE NOISE: We set up Microsoft Outlook, the software people work with every day, in such a way that it supports them better and is less distracting. This way we prevent them from being distracted and busy reacting to things all day long.
  • FASTER PROCESSING: People get concrete tools to process things smarter and faster. Take, for example, the decision diagram that allows them to immediately decide what to do with everything that comes their way. That way they only have to think about it once, as briefly as possible.


With a fixed place from which people work on their goals and projects in a focused way, we make sure they get clear what they want to work on. Those actions will determine what their day looks like. This will give them a clear idea of the things that are really important to work on. We do this by:

  • CENTRALIZING ACTIONS: We make sure peoples workday revolves around the actions they planned to do: their appointments, daily tasks and 'next actions'. All this can be found in one clear overview of the calendar.
  • FOCUSSING ON GOALS AND PROJECTS: From one central location in Microsoft OneNote, work efficiently on projects and goals. Fully integrated with Outlook, of course. That way people always have an overview, they keep focused on what they have to do, and throughout the year they actually take the steps necessary to achieve their goals.


With recurring routines, peoples system continues to work for them in the long run. In fact, they learn to keep improving their system. In this way they keep themselves on track to achieve their goals in the longer term. They do this by:

  • DAILY REVIEWS: Daily routines allow people to keep a grip on their day. They process the new things that have entered their system, reflect on everything they see, set priorities and then get to work. This way they always stay "on top of things" (empty inbox!) and spend their time and energy in the best way.
  • WEEKLY REVIEWS: With weekly routines, preferably with a buddy, make sure people zoom out regularly. They look back at what they've done, look ahead at what's coming up and reflect on their goals, projects and priorities. This way they can make adjustments where needed.


The training Grip on your work is a blended training in which online modules that are completed individually are alternated with live group sessions and live 1-on-1 sessions. The total time investment is 8 hours per participant, spread over a period of 8 weeks.

The training can be given in Dutch, English, German and French. This way, the standardized way of working can also be implemented for international organizations and teams.

A detailed program and more information about the costs can be found in the training brochure. Request it without obligation and receive the brochure directly by email.

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Do you want to schedule more trainings at once? We'd love to hear from you so we can customize an approach and budget. Depending on your needs, the training can be supplemented with:

  • Deepening of team dynamics (based on personal drives/color profiles)
  • Tools for working together on projects, goals and strategies in a structured way.
  • Working towards 'one way of working' within teams and more broadly across organizations, with shared values in terms of communication and organization.


Do the themes mentioned above sound familiar, however you think they involve not only your organization, but you as an entrepreneur, board member or senior manager? Time Management may sound like an operational theme – and yet it may cause a strategy to pay off or fail. It is one of the three basic conditions organizations must meet to be able to work together effectively and successfully.

During her Executive Coaching sessions, Michelle Wiesman (founding partner of Flipmonday) helps entrepreneurs and senior managers find a comprehensive approach to allow organisations that got stuck, and which have stopped performing at their optimum levels, run smoothly once again. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to schedule your free introduction.

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