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Gain insight in to personal drives with RealDrives

Use this knowledge to enable everyone to perform to the fullest

Available in English, German, French and Dutch


  • Some people enjoy working together, others less so. It is personal. Sometimes, people are stuck in persistent role patterns: “It’s just the way someone is”.
  • People are different and they come with different skills. Those things people do right are not always appreciated, and people are sometimes judged for exactly those things they feel are more challenging.
  • As a result, the team’s energy will sometimes fade out, sending each member on an individual journey.


    • The online RealDrives test helps us map the drives of each and everyone. A detailed description of such drives and how they relate to conduct in daily practice is available.
    • We will also merge those insights for each team, to help understand the underlying drives and allow the team’s dynamics to be visible and perceptible every single day.
    • We explain the different drive profiles that exist (based on colour profiles), giving feedback on the insights from the team’s tests. What can we learn from this? Is there anything we would like to change about our behaviour or anything else based on those insights? How can we assess others’ conduct and drives? How can we put together a proper (project) team in which people are complementary to one another?


      • People will be empowered by a better understanding of their drives and the drives of their co-workers, improving performance and team dynamics.
      • Resistance, closedness and annoyance in terms of team dynamics will make room for a sense of safety, openness and appreciation.
      • Focus will shift to helping each other out to achieve goals together, rather than proceeding individually.


        The Team Dynamics training is a blended training in which individual online modules are combined with live group sessions and live 1-on-1 sessions. De total time investment is 8 hours over a period of 8 weeks.

        De training is available in English, German, French and Dutch, allowing for one way of working to be implemented throughout international organizations and teams as well.

        A detailled program and more information about the costs can be found in the training brochure. Request the brochure through email right away, entirely without obligations.

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        If you would like to schedule several training sessions at the same time, please let us know so, so we can provide a customised strategy and estimate. Also, this training can be combined within a programme with our other trainings, to cover all 3 conditions to having a successful business strategy:

        • TIME MANAGEMENT: Control time: it is the only way to focus on what really matters.
        • TEAM DYNAMICS: Find out people’s drives, allow people to be in the right place, in order to excel.
        • TARGETS: Set targets that are actually feasible, to increase sense of commitment and boost energy.


        Do the themes mentioned above sound familiar, however you think they involve not only your organization, but you as an entrepreneur, board member or senior manager? Team dynamics may sound like an operational theme – and yet it may cause a strategy to pay off or fail. It is one of the three basic conditions organizations must meet to be able to work together effectively and successfully.

        During her Executive Coaching sessions, Michelle Wiesman (founding partner of Flipmonday) helps entrepreneurs and senior managers find a comprehensive approach to allow organisations that got stuck, and which have stopped performing at their optimum levels, run smoothly once again. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to schedule your free introduction.

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