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Did everyone do what needed to be done today? Often, after a day's work, we feel like we haven't really made any progress, and at the end of the year we conclude that little has come of long-term goals or annual plans.

Let's flip that! In 3 clear steps, we'll get you more in control of your work:

  • Clear your head: to create mental space to look forward
  • Apply focus: to get a good view on what is really important
  • Follow your plan: with daily and weekly routines that keep you on track

These steps enable you to use the full potential of yourself, your team or your organization. This not only brings you closer to your goals, it also brings you more energy and (work)pleasure.

This may sound perfectly sensible and straightforward. And yet, in many cases strategies fail, and organizations get stuck because one of these three conditions has not been met.

Our Grip on your work training can be attended as an open training, which you can sign up for individually, and as in company training, to make your entire team more efficient and happier.

To find out how our training can help your organizations achieve more goals, feel free to contact us or give us a call at +31 (0) 85 - 004 39 18.


All our training courses are given by trainers who are trained and certified by Flipmonday. Are you an independent trainer (or do you want to become one) and do you want to add our training courses to your portfolio? Then sign up for one of our certification days.

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